Learning Resources

Here is a list of resources developed at Raviv Practice London for helping with learning. All of these applications are web based and should work with all java script enabled browsers. Please contact us if you have any problems running them or if you would like them to use off-line (i.e. when not connected to the web). Click on the pictures to access the applications.

This application is designed to help young children with practicing number sequences and counting.

This application is designed to help with reading the clock / telling the time. There are options from to set sequences from simple, on the hour series to more complicated series with 30, 15, and 5 minute resolutions.

An application to practice mental arithmetic with options to control difficulty and types of arithmetical operations.

4x4 Sudoku
A Sudoku with a twist - This sudoku can have either numbers or letter groups. This smaller Sudoku is designed with younger children in mind to develop their logical skills.

9x9 Sudoku
Standard Sudoku to challenge older children and even the parents.

Useful external learning resources

Welcome to Tux, of Math Command!
TuxMath is an arcade game that helps kids practice their math facts. The main goal is to make it effective and fun!

Windows 2000, XP, Vista Download
Windows Logo Here you can download the installer for all Windows versions

"...We noticed a marked change at around 10 weeks and it was inconceivable before this that my son would ever grasp the idea of adding up simple sums let alone do his times tables. He started on 10s and then 2s. I had tried previously to teach him to tell the time but with no joy but three weeks later he started understanding basic time telling concepts armed with his 5 times tables!....." Read more...
Parent, Southall, Middlesex.

"...I have watched my son develop his co-ordination and organisation skills at a very satisfactory rate. His school has noticed his progress and they have commented on numerous occasions with regards to his development......My son was never 'stupid' he has a very fast active and intelligent brain he just had to be shown how to put things in an orderly and more manageable way....." Read more...
Parent, Wealdstone, Harrow.