Why learning difficulties exist?

Our brains work efficiently when all the parts are communicating properly together.

Information is relayed from the brain to the entire body through the nervous system along neural pathways.

When the neural pathways due to underdevelopment or developmental delay, struggle to carry information between the brains' key centres it affects the entire body and how it functions and results in learning difficulties. Co-ordination related problems (dyspraxia) both fine (dysgraphia) and gross motor movements , delayed speech, poor concentration, hyperactivity are all learning difficulties which can occur and may be detected early before formal learning begins.

Many learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia are harder to detect until formal education begins, as the brain, struggling with the basic tasks is further being burdened with higher cognitive functions which genetically it was not designed to do.
Here is a very interesting video by students of Coventry University on How Dyslexics see the world.

How we help?

At Raviv Practice London the diagnosed (or undiagnosed) problem area is assisted in stages with progress being carefully monitored. Read more...


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