The reason I need a therapist was because of the problems I was having at work.

I was previously diagnosed with dyslexia, when I was at college. I went onto university and completed a degree course, thinking I had overcome my dyslexia.

I started having problems with my letter writing skill at work. At the time, I put this down to poor grammar skills. I was sent on a grammar course by my employers. After completing the grammar course I found I was more confused and didn't understand how I was making more mistakes in my written work.

Usha explained to me it was down to my poor working memory and my ability to sequence things in order. Usha helped me by working with the Raviv technique and Fast For Work Programme. She also provided my employers with recommendation that I could put in place at work to help me work better and eliminate my mistakes and work more fluently.

Working with Usha has helped me organised my life and generally helped me to think more logically. Before working with Usha, I wasn't able to remember my time tables, peoples names or simple instructions.

This has now all improved and Usha has helped me use fact based knowledge and shown me how to self-correct myself enabling me to eliminate mistakes. The Fast For Word Program has helped me to understand certain spelling and grammar rules which I had simply forgotten after leaving school because of my dyslexia.

Usha has helped me by providing life changing skills and a new ability to use my dyslexia to my advantage. She has helped me to identify my unique visual memory skill and helped me to utilise in my daily life.

I would recommend any one who has dyslexia to work with Usha because she can identify all the areas which are positive about your condition and help you utilise these skill to make a real difference.

Kenton IT worker