My 19-year-old daughter completed a 20-session course with Usha after being diagnosed with mild dyslexia, while at college studying for a level 3 Childcare course. Clare had gone through her education years struggling with spelling, sentence construction and mathematics and had come out of school with mainly D grades at GCSE level. My husband and I had over the years paid for private English and Maths lessons, which seemed to highlight Clare's difficulties even more.

After reading about the Raviv method we decided to give it a go, to help Clare tackle her problems in a different way. Clare had never enjoyed maths before but suddenly she was enjoying maths patterns and magic numbers. Similarly the Alpha Omega literacy worksheets helped her to see the patterns in spellings and she was able to memorise whole sentences after hearing them read out and then writing them herself.

Clare's relationship with Usha has been very positive from the beginning. At no time was she made to feel that she could not achieve and over the period of time spent with Usha, Clare's confidence has been raised to new heights. Clare has recently gained a C grade in her maths mock retake. She has a provisional acceptance at Roehampton University and an interview at Chichester University next month. At one time, before Raviv Clare may not have considered applying for University. Moving on to a new phase in life is often daunting for many people and the fear of the unknown can stop people from progressing forward. I think in Clare's case she may have been cautious, in the past about moving away from home, but she is now looking forward to a new chapter in her life. I believe that the Raviv programme has helped her to believe in herself and enabled her to make her own decisions regarding her future career.

Ickenham Parent